How to Choose the Perfect Wall Mirror Decor: Style And Size

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Decorative wall mirrors are a simple yet impactful way to elevate the look of any room. With so many styles, shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from, a decorative mirror can completely transform a space, reflecting light and creating the illusion of a larger, brighter room. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the many options for decorative wall mirrors and how to choose the perfect one to match your decor.

Antique wall mirror enhancing vintage vibes in a cozy reading nook.

Why Add a Decorative Mirror to Your Walls

Round Wall mirrors serve both practical and aesthetic purposes in home decor. Practically, they help bounce light around a space, brighten up dark corners, and make rooms appear larger. Aesthetically, they add visual interest to blank wall Art and can transform the look of a large wall mirror and the feel of a full-length mirror room.

AspectTips and Ideas
PlacementPosition mirrors across from windows to maximize natural light. Place them near light fixtures for added brightness. Consider unconventional spots like behind furniture or in a gallery wall for an eclectic look.
Size MattersMatch the size of the mirror to the wall space. Use large mirrors to create a focal point and make a small room appear larger. In narrow spaces, consider a tall, slim mirror to add height.
Frame StyleChoose frames that complement your decor style. Ornate frames for a classic touch, minimalist frames for modern spaces, and distressed frames for a rustic look. Mixing frame styles can add visual interest.
Reflective StyleMirrors can reflect different styles—antique mirrors for vintage vibes, geometric shapes for a contemporary feel, and sunburst mirrors for a touch of glamour. Pick a style that aligns with your overall decor.
FunctionalityUse mirrors strategically to enhance functionality. A full-length mirror in the bedroom or hallway is practical, while a mirror in the dining room can create the illusion of a larger space and reflect candlelight during dinners.
Feel free to use these tips as a guide to create a stunning wall mirror decor that suits your style and space!

Here are some key reasons to consider adding a decorative mirror to your home:

  • Reflects natural light – Mirrors amplify the light in a room, helping spaces feel brighter and more open. This makes them perfect for darker rooms or areas that don’t get much direct sunlight.
  • Creates depth and dimension – The reflection in a mirror adds the illusion of depth to a flat black wall mirror decor. This makes spaces appear larger and more expansive.
  • Provides a focal point – A statement mirror draws the eye, creating a strong focal point in a room. This can help pull a space together.
  • Adds personality – From ornate antique frames to modern metallic finishes, the style of mirror you choose injects personality and character into a room.
  • Enhances decor – A mirror that complements your existing decor can help pull a room together, reflecting colors and patterns already in the space.
  • Adds functionality – Mirrors in key areas like entryways, above mantles, or behind sofas serve both form and function.
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Mirror Styles and Design Elements to Consider Wall Mirror Decor

When choosing a decorative mirror, there are a few key design factors to keep in mind:


  • Rectangle – The most common shape, bringing clean lines. Elongated horizontal rectangles work well over furniture.
  • Ovals – A soft shape that adds a graceful, elegant touch. Oval mirrors are versatile above furniture or ambient lighting.
  • Rounds – Circular mirrors have a classic, timeless look. Large rounds can make a dramatic statement over a console.
  • Unique shapes – Go for something like a sunburst, octagon, or star-shaped mirror for an eye-catching focal point.


  • Over furniture – Anchor a mirror above a piece of furniture like a sofa, console, or dresser. It should be at least two-thirds the width of the furniture but doesn’t need to go all the way to the ceiling.
  • Full length – For small spaces like hallways, leaner floor mirrors visually expand the area. Look for narrow, vertical mirrors in adjustable sizes.
  • Wallscape – Oversized mirrors covering a large portion of a black wall mirror decor open up a room and reflect maximum light.


  • Ornate – Antique, baroque, or rococo carved frames add opulence. Go for an ornate frame if you want the mirror itself to be the focal point.
  • Metal – Sleek metallic frames in silver, gold, or black have a contemporary, polished look. They work in modern, minimalist spaces.
  • Wood – Warm wood-tone frames bring an organic, earthy feel. Opt for carved wood or distressed finishes for a rustic charm.
  • Frameless – Mirrors without borders have a light, airy effect. They blend seamlessly into the black wall mirror decor, giving spaces a spacious feel.
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Additional Details: Wall Mirror Decor

  • Beveled edges – The sloped edges refract light for added depth and dimension. This detailing works well in traditional decor.
  • LED lighting – Built-in LED lights amp up the drama and illuminate the mirror’s reflection. Choose this for a glamorous accent piece.
  • Shelves or hooks – Integrated shelves or hooks add functionality for storing and displaying decorative items.
Sunburst mirror casting rays of elegance in a sunlit room.

How to Decor Wall Mirror?
When it comes to wall mirror decor, the possibilities are as vast as your reflection staring back at you. Transforming a simple reflective surface into a piece of art can add depth, style, and personality to any space. Here’s a guide to elevate your wall mirror decor game:

  1. How to Choose the Right Mirror?

    Consider the size and shape that complements your wall space.
    Explore unique frames or frameless designs based on your aesthetic preferences.

  2. How to Placement Matter?

    Strategically place mirrors to maximize natural light and create an illusion of space.
    Reflect interesting focal points or views to enhance the overall ambiance.

  3. How to Create a Gallery Wall?

    Group mirrors of various sizes and shapes for a dynamic and eclectic display.
    Play with symmetry or go for an asymmetrical arrangement for an artistic touch.

Places to Use Wall Mirror Decor in Your Home

Here are some of the top spots to creatively incorporate mirrors throughout your home:

Entryway Mirror

Hang a stunning statement mirror in your entryway to create a dramatic first impression and amplify light. Opt for a tall, rectangular leaning mirror, or go bold with an oversized round sunburst mirror.

Above Fireplace

Drawing the eye upwards, a leaning mirror makes a striking focal point above a fireplace or mantle. Look for a beveled edge mirror to complement traditional decor.

Living Room Accent

Incorporate mirrors cleverly into your living room by opting for a statement circular mirror above your sofa or anchoring a gallery black wall mirror decor of eclectic mirrors above your media console.

Kitchen Backsplash

Use mirror tiles or plexiglass mirror sheets to create a gorgeous mirrored backsplash that brightens up the space and makes your kitchen look more expansive.

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Bathroom Vanity

Oversized circular or rectangular mirrors with integrated lighting instantly upgrade a bathroom vanity. Add mirrors to medicine cabinets to both store items and bounce extra light.

Bedroom Mirror

Incorporate a full-length leaning mirror in a bedroom to make the space feel larger. Opt for angled mirrors in corners to reflect light and give the illusion of extra space.

Dining Room Buffet

Place a pair of dramatic antique gold rectangular mirrors above a buffet or sideboard to create visual interest and bring refinement to the dining space.

Modern wall mirrors in assorted geometric shapes creating a contemporary wall display.

5 Beautiful Wall Mirror Decor to Elevate Your Home

Here are some top-rated and stylishly designed mirror options to inspire you:

  • Full-Length Angled Mirror – This metal rectangular mirror on legs tilts for the perfect angle. Use it as a leaner or anchor it to the black wall mirror decor.
  • Round Sunburst Mirror – The concentric circle design of this antique gold sunburst-style mirror makes a gorgeous statement.
  • Modern Circular Mirror – With clean lines and a thin frame, this large 60-inch round mirror brings contemporary flair.
  • Beveled Antique Mirror – The distressed cream finish on this ornate rectangular beveled mirror adds vintage farmhouse charm.
  • Oval Bamboo Mirror – A beautifully carved natural bamboo frame gives this exotic oval mirror an earthy appeal.

Key Takeaways

  • Decorative mirrors add light, depth, and visual interest to any room when thoughtfully incorporated into your space.
  • Consider the shape, size, frame style, and additional detailing when choosing a mirror.
  • Place mirrors creatively above furniture, on walls, and even in unexpected spots like kitchen backsplashes.
  • An entryway mirror, above the living room mantle, or bathroom vanity are classic spots to hang an attractive mirror.
  • From sleek modern frames to carved antique mirror designs, choose a style that aligns with your decor.

So go ahead and reflect on how to mirror the style of your space with a beautiful decorative wall mirror that both accentuates your decor and fills your rooms with light.


How do you decorate a wall with mirrors?

Create a gallery wall – Hang a collection of different-sized and shaped mirrors together for an eclectic display. Mix round, rectangular, and oval mirrors with metal, wood, and frameless designs.

Where can I buy decorative mirrors?

Home goods stores – Stores like Target, IKEA, and Crate & Barrel have a great selection of stylish and affordable mirrors in different shapes and sizes.

How do you decorate a mirror?

Add framing – Frame the mirror in wood, metal, or another material that complements your decor adding ornamental molding or carving for extra detail.

Which wall mirror is best for a farmhouse room?

Distressed wood frame mirror – A rectangular mirror with a reclaimed wood frame with a weathered, distressed finish adds rustic farmhouse charm.

Are mirrors a good addition to your wall decor?

Reflect light – Mirrors help bounce natural light around a room, making spaces seem brighter and more open. This is especially helpful for dark corners or rooms without much sunlight.

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